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Volunteering for EGS

Denver, CO

We are taking volunteers to help mentor new refugees specifically of the Karen Tribe, among others. Volunteers are needed to be mentors and trainers for refugees in helping them to integrate into American lifestyle. You could be taking a family to the doctor, assisting them with a green card application, translating documents so that they can understand them better, teaching English, and a wealth of other service opportunities!

Bay Area, CA

We work with many different tribes in California as it is a melting pot of refugee populations, including Bhutanese, Burmese tribes, Middle Eastern and African populations. We have many opportunities for you to get involved, so contact us here to let us know you are interested!

Fremont, CA

Interested in traveling to Afghanistan to build schools? How about working with local Afghan and other Islamic people in the United States? If so, contact our Islamic Refugee Strategist to find out more information about going global or local and assisting people from Muslim backgrounds.

Phoenix, AZ

In Phoenix, we are currently working with refugees from a variety of countries throughout Africa. We are also working closely to improve the living conditions and infrastructure in their home countries. Are you interested in traveling with us to help build a children’s home and train indigenous workers? If so, Ethne Global Services will be organizing multiple trips a year to do just that. Contact us for more information.

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